The Big Bear Report

The Big Bear Report

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

October in the mountains!

What a great time of year to be in Big Bear.  The weather is cooler (but not cold yet), the leaves are changing (and falling), and there are still plenty of activities going on to keep you busy during your stay.  Right now the world-famous Big Bear Oktoberfest is being held at the Big Bear Convention Center.  This even draws thousands of people each weekend.  Great for old and young alike.  If you fall in love with Big Bear, as many people do, and would like to look at the real estate that Big Bear has to offer, give Mike Dolan & Associates a call.  We are here to help you find the home of your dreams. Call us today at 909-866-6453.

The Big Bear Report- October 2016

Friday, July 1, 2016

4th of July in Big Bear!

It's the 4th in Big Bear.  That means summer fun on and around the lake, Bar-B-Ques with friends and family and a spectacular fireworks show over our beautiful lake as a finale.  

Remember, if you would like to see any property while you are in Big Bear, just give us a call at 909-866-6453.  Have a great weekend and be safe out there! Here are some great spots to see the fireworks this weekend.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

FEBRUARY Big Bear Report


A Monthly Review of the Big Bear Real Estate Market Provided by Mike Dolan

The housing market continues to show strong improvement. Reports show that the U.S. housing market continues to improve. Prices are being bolstered by continued lack of supply. However, the consensus that mortgage rates may begin ticking up by this summer has many of us in the business a little concerned.
 California’s housing market is expected to improve in 2016, but a shortage of available inventory and continuing high costs are expected to limit huge gains. In 2014 there were 383,300 home sales. In 2015 there were approximately 407,500 home sales. The California Association of Realtors (CAR) forecast calls for 433,000 home sales in 2016.
The state’s rising prices are predicted to hold back home sales slightly. The California median home price is projected to increase 3.2% to $491,300 in 2016 (following a 6.5% increase in 2015). Despite those increases, 2016 is still estimated to have the slowest rate of price appreciation in five years.  CAR predicts interest rates for a 30-year, fixed mortgage will be stable at 4.5% for the next several months (which are still historically low levels).
Solid job growth and favorable interest rates will always drive strong demand for housing. However, in regions where inventory is tight, such as the San Francisco Bay Area, sales could be limited by diminishing housing affordability. On the other hand, demand in less expensive areas such as Riverside/San Bernardino will remain strong thanks to solid job growth in warehousing, transportation, logistics and manufacturing.
The Big Bear real estate market is expected to equal (or slightly exceed) 2015 numbers, both in number of sales and average price. December and January are typically slow months for new sales (particularly due to the weather this season).  However, the skier visits are at a record high and snow levels will definitely add to our lake (all creating an increase in demand for our upcoming selling season).  
Provided by Mike Dolan

Snow, Shaun White & Aliens...

What's new in Big Bear this week?

BIG NEWS: Olympian and Professional Snowboarder Shaun White bought minority stake in Big Bear Mountain Resorts this week.  Shaun grew up riding in Big Bear and is excited to own a piece of it. We can't wait to see what he brings to the table for our resorts!

Photo: Big Bear Grizzly
SNOW:  We received about 6" of fresh powder thanks to Sunday night's storm.  The cold weather is slowing the melt, so riding conditions this weekend should be PERFECT!  Come on up and check it out.  While you're up here give us a call to schedule a showing of YOUR future Big Bear Cabin.

PUDDLE OF MUDD:  The rock band will be performing at the Cave on Saturday night.  

SPACE & ALIEN SNOWFEST: Yes, you heard that right, this weekend is the Space & Alien Snow Fest, a Mountain Ufology Conference will be taking place at the Big Bear Convention Center 


Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Welcome Donna!

Meet Donna Jenkins!

We are thrilled to announce the newest member of our team, Donna Jenkins. Donna has lived in Big Bear for over 35 years and is a seasoned agent with over 15 years of experience doing real estate in Big Bear.  We look forward to working with Donna and the experience, charisma, integrity and fun that she brings aboard.  Mike Dolan & Associates just got even better! :)