The Big Bear Report

The Big Bear Report

Friday, February 17, 2017

More Winter Weather Coming Our Way...

The Big Bear Valley has received 80" of snow  (our average is 62") and 11.9" of rain so far this season and there is more on the way! All of this precipitation is very welcome in Southern California, especially Big Bear.  The more snow and rain we get, the better.  The creeks around town are flowing into the lake bringing the lake levels up.  At the end of December 2016, the lake level was 16.65' down from full.  Today, it is 13.9' down from full.  That is quite a rise in such a short time.  We hope to keep that momentum going.  There is water in Bakers Pond once again.  If you live in the Baldwin Lake area (the dry lake on the east end of the valley), you now have a lake view as it is filled with water!  Even though it has made it difficult to get around at times we welcome the rain and snow. KEEP IT COMING MOTHER NATURE!

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